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Recruitment and workforce management requires focus and attention away from your primary business goals. That’s where WITS Solutions can be your extended arm in understanding business requirements and staffing skilled professionals.

Our Staffing Programs are designed to offer a high degree of flexibility in staffing that best fits your business.

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Time Contract

Hire professional staff for your time-bound projects or goals. Time Contract program is a suitable for teams that have focused requirements and need team augmentation for a stipulated period.

Hire For You

Use this staffing program if you have a need to hire full-time staff. WITS complies with your corporate hiring requirements and background verification to hire the professionals. We recommend Hire For You for organizations that have multi-year, long-term requirements.


Planned or unplanned, use this option if you see a need for a contract professional to come onboard full-time on your payrolls. Our recruitment strategy brings in high quality professionals who, over a period of time, become so valuable to your organization that they give a compelling reason to be hired full-time on your rolls.

Staff As You Go

Sometimes it is not easy to assess the work requirement to understand the tenure of contract. Staff As You Go program gives you the flexibility to terminate the contract with 2 weeks of notice and minimal terms of termination. Our clients found this program useful in operational tasks that require less transition time.

Cloud Staffing

You do not need the contractors for full day? No problem. Our Cloud Staffing program ensures that you are billed on an hourly basis, and at the same time ensuring that the staff is not assigned to any other project that conflicts with your business interests. Cloud Staffing program is best suited for hiring consultants or for projects where the staff is needed on an ad hoc basis.

WITS Suite

WITS partners with you to take care of your complete recruitment and staffing concerns—be it full-time or contract employee. This allows you to focus on your core business and we take care of providing the best brains to help your business succeed.


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