WITS provides the personnel, secure facilities, proprietary processes and procedures, and the equipment necessary to digitize files and records.  The company will use a proprietary production process that includes records receipt/organization, document preparation, image capture, automated image enhancement, automated image separation, quality control, indexing, independent verification, data and image export/import.

WITS combined technical knowledge provides the skill base that this projects require and our experienced team is committed to being a partner with government agencies to successfully meet all requirements and goals. As a partner, we will create the environment and provide the support that ensures continued successful document handling and conversion.

  • Scanning/Digital Support
  • Document Processing
  • Government Documents
  • Personnel Records
  • Contracts
  • Electronic Records Conversion
  • Secured Facilities
WITS can provide legal personnel with the highest levels of security clearances, which may involve highly sensitive or top secret data related to the security of our nation.