WITS legal teams provides a wide variety of support to state, local and federal government agencies. Our services typically include:

  • Collect, analyze, and evaluate evidence in connection with litigation in close collaboration with the attorney(s) responsible for the case.
  • Research, analyze and summarize relevant legal precedents for applicability to assigned cases, and prepares digest of points of law involved and legal documents.
  • Utilize a variety of automated legal research tools as well as public information databases and other automated resources to research case- or program-specific legal matters.
  • Prepare digests of selected decisions or opinions which incorporate legal references and analyses of precedents involved in areas of well-defined and settled points of law.
  • Interview potential witnesses and prepares summary interview reports for the attorney’s review
  • Participate in conferences, hearings, depositions, interviews and notes possible deficiencies in case materials (e.g. missing documents, conflicting statements) requests further investigation by other agency personnel to correct possible deficiencies or personally conducts limited investigations at the pre-trial stage or in the post judgment stage.
  • Prepare and organize trial exhibits, as required.
  • Verify citations and legal references on prepared legal documents In the cases where WITS is providing attorneys, our personnel routinely.
  • Performs expert legal research and writing on extremely sophisticated legal issues.
  • Reviews investigative reports from various executive agencies, prepares summaries of those reports, and identifies matters requiring close Department review.
  • Conducts high-level analysis of facts, evidence, and legal authorities in connection with domestic and international investigations.
  • Prepares persuasive legal memoranda, motions, and briefs, which synthesize facts, evidence, and legal authorities.
  • Drafts reports, develops training curricula, and prepares responses to Congressional and citizen correspondence.
  • Assists in the policy area, analyzing and drafting comments on legislative proposals.
  • Prepares correspondence for signature of government officials on a variety of complex issue.
WITS can provide legal personnel with the highest levels of security clearances, which may involve highly sensitive or top secret data related to the security of our nation.